Jul. 31, 2021


Historic Courthouse

825 Brown Street
Napa, CA 94559
Family (707) 299-1130
Family Mediation (707) 299-1240
Self-Help Center (707) 299-1137
Filings may be electronically filed (eFile)

Family Filing

The Civil Division provides legal processing services to individuals and businesses of Napa County in the areas of Family Law, Probate Guardianships/Conservatorships, Mental Health, General Civil both limited and unlimited jurisdictions.

Family court mediation (Required for Custody and visitation Issues)

Mediation gives parents the opportunity to create a parenting plan for the care of their children after separation.

Civil, Estates, and Family Voluntary Mediation (Non-Custody Issues)

Most civil and family law disputes are resolved without filing a lawsuit, and most civil lawsuits are resolved without a trial. To facilitate case settlement, the Court encourages litigants to consider mediation as an alternative to traditional forms of settling a disagreement. It is generally less formal, less expensive, and less time-consuming than a trial.

Self Help Center

The Family Law Facilitator provides information and assistance in filling out forms to establish paternity, obtain or modify child support, and request protective orders.

Families Change

A resource for families going through Divorce or Separation.

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