Jul. 31, 2021

Criminal/Post Court Services Division 


Criminal Courthouse

1111 Third Street
Napa, CA 94559
(707) 299-1180
Office hours:
Monday - Friday  8:00am to 4:00pm 
A drop box for same day filings and payments will be available at court facilities every day until 5:00pm

Criminal Calendars & Assignments

Hon. Elia Ortiz - Department 1

Event Type Day/Time Notes
Mon - Fri 8:30 AM
Pre Prelims
Mon - Fri  8:30 AM
Pre Prelims are set the day before Prelim
Mon - Fri  8:30 AM
Arraignment on Information
Parole Revocation Hearings
Mon 8:30 AM
In-Custody Arraignments
Mon - Thu 2:30 PM
Fri 2:30 PM
1170 Re-Sentencing Hrgs
Mon 8:30 AM
Readiness Conference
Wed 1:30 PM
Jury Trials
Mon 8:30 AM
For assignment

Hon. Joseph J. Solga - Department 2

Event Type Day/Time Notes
300 Calendar
Tue & Thu 1:30 PM
Dependency Adoptions
Thu 3:30 PM
Juvenile Traffic/Neil Bowman-Davis
Tue 3:15 PM
Dependency Contests
Mon 8:30 AM

Hon. Scott Young - Department 3

Event Type Day/Time Notes
Mon - Fri 8:30 AM
Misdemeanor not in-custody
Prop. 36 Hearings
Mon 10:00 AM
Settlement Conferences
General Misd DEJ
Tue - Thu 9:30 AM
Wed & Thu Public Defender Cases

Tue Private Attorney Cases
In-Custody Arraignments
Mon - Thu 1:30 PM
Fri 2:30 PM (Department E)
Drug Court
Fri 10:30 AM
Adult Traffic Trials
Mon & Wed 3:00PM
Motions & Short Cause Hearings
Tue & Thu 2:00 PM
Misdemeanor (Pitches Motions to be heard in Dept. 1)
Financial Evaluation
Fri 9:00 AM

Hon. Mark Boessenecker - Department 4

Event Type Day/Time Notes
As assigned
Assignments from Master Calendar (Department 1)
Mon - Fri
Settlement Conference (Subsequent)
Thu 8:30 AM
Juror OSC
Thu 8:30 AM
Mental Health Court
4th Thu of the month 2:30 PM
Hon. Cynthia Smith - Department 5

Event Type Day/Time Notes
As assigned
Assignments from Master Calendar (Department 1)
Mon - Fri
1203.09 Jurisdictional Transfers
Thu 8:30 AM

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I take care of my outstanding warrant?
You must appear at the Criminal Division counter 30 minutes prior to the hearing time noted below to clear a pending warrant of arrest Monday through Friday at:
  • 1:30pm for misdemeanor cases, Monday - Friday
  • 8:30pm or 2:30pm for felony cases, Monday - Friday
  • The clerk will direct you to a specific courtroom where you will respond to the outstanding warrant. If you fail to report to the assigned courtroom, your warrant will remain outstanding.

    How can I get re-enrolled in my court ordered program?
    In some instances, the clerks in the Criminal/Post Court Services division may provide a re-referral to a court ordered program. If you are on formal probation, you must obtain written permission from your Probation Officer before appearing at the Criminal/Post Court Services Division counter.
    What is an expungement?
    If granted, an Expungement allows a person who has been previously convicted of a misdemeanor or certain felonies to reopen their case and set aside the conviction. Withdraw their plea of “guilty”, enter a plea of “not guilty”, and close the case without a conviction. The Penal Code sections that govern this action are 1203.4 and 1203.4a.

    Granting of an Expungement does not remove the case entirely from your record. The arrest and charges will still exist and you must disclose the conviction in any direct question contained in any application for public office, for licensure by state or local agency or for contact with the California State Lottery.

  • Instructions for Preparing Expungements
  • Petition for Dismissal: Transmittal and Agency Review
  • Can I make payments or work off my fine?
    If you need time to pay your ticket, payment plans are available through GC Services. You must be referred by the Court for a payment plan before you can begin making payments. A $35.00 administrative fee will be added. Arrangements for working off all or a portion of the fine would be made through the Court's collection agency. A financial evaulation will be held and if found eligible, you will be referred to the Court for placement.
    How will I know when to appear in court after an arrest?
    If you were arrested and released with a court date written on your form, you must appear in court as ordered. A failure to appear in court on the date shown will result in a warrant for your arrest.
    Can I change a jail remand date?
    All remand dates are mandatory and cannot be changed or postponed. You must appear for remand at the jail on the date and time noted on the documentation given to you in court. Contact the jail for further information at (707) 253-4401.

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